An Image of Assembly Boxes

You might have a box you need to think outside of

You might have a box you need to think outside of

Any kind of build you need—made to order.

Your one-stop-shop for box builds and turnkey assemblies.

With expertise in both wiring and circuit boards, EMSCO can handle box builds (which combine both) better than most manufacturers.

Electrical and electronic builds

Wires, cables and PCB boards, combined in any way you need.

Mechanical builds

Hinges, gaskets, and screws may bore you, but we think they’re fascinating.

Electromechanical builds & assemblies

If it requires actuation, we’re actually your best option.

Box Builds

From low to medium complexity, we’ll build your components, manufacture your housing, assemble your box, and configure and load software if needed.

We’ll also do functional testing, label, bar code, pack and ship. So take a couple days off and we’ll take care of it. You can send us a thank you note from your beach house.

Turnkey Assemblies

Ready to ship means ready to sell—no fuss, no muss, just good business. For EMSCO customers who want to spend more time improving their businesses rather than assembling products, we take care of the entire build.

We manage the whole process—from sourcing parts to making the housing and everything in between—so you can concentrate on sales, or your badminton game.