An image of an EMSCO technician building.

We love building stuff—it’s a lifelong obsession

Building stuff is a lifelong obsession

Since we opened up shop in 2001, we’ve almost zero voluntary turnover. That’s rare. It means our craftspeople like what they do, and after all these years, they do it better than you can.

Why our customers love our products

Facilities and Machinery

We built this climate-controlled, 12,500 sq. ft. shop and filled it with high-efficiency production equipment and a bunch of other stuff so you don’t have to spend a dime on new infrastructure. You increase capacity, painlessly.

High Quality Parts

Our parts didn’t fall off the back of a truck, and they don’t come from a back alley in Beijing—but they’re priced like they did. We buy verified, name brand parts from franchised distributors. But our bulk purchasing cuts prices by about 10–50%, so you still get a great deal.

Quality Assurance Testing

We don’t do aerospace, and we don’t take military contracts—but with a former nuclear sub technician as an owner, we’ve got the skills to. We test each product with an array of product-specific, ISO 9001:2008- and IPC/WHMA-A 620-based tests.

People Matter

We’ve created a pretty neat place to work, with plenty of natural light, fresh air and nice chairs. We think the details matter—when our people are happy, they build better products for you.