A picture representing inventory management.

Inventory—hot and fresh—hold the bureaucracy

Inventory—hot and fresh—hold the bureaucracy

You aren’t into long lead-times? Some might think you’re ‘being difficult.’ We don’t. We agree with you.

How do we stay ahead of your inventory needs?

No, we aren’t psychic. We handle the details with our SQL OBDC-compliant database supported inventory systems.

Ready Inventory

It’s lead-time reduction on steroids: Pre-built, ready-to-ship assemblies in stock. You decide what you’ll need in the future, and you only pay once it ships.

On-hand inventory and speculative ordering minimized. Speed and profitability maximized. Experts call it Kanban. You’ll call it amazing.

Vendor Managed Inventory

It does not get easier than this: It’s VMI made flexible. We schedule, build, distribute and manage. You pay only when we ship. No more forecasting or managing purchase orders.

Are you psyched about monitoring and ordering production line input materials? Probably not. But we definitely are.

Raw Material Shipping

It’s simple: We make an inventory stocking agreement, and when you need new product, the materials are pulled off the shelf. Immediately.

We build your stuff and ship it. Fast. Lead time is reduced by weeks and you pay less for a better build. Why aren’t you doing this already?