An image of EMSCO's employees and owners.

It’s like owning your own satellite factory

It’s like owning your own satellite factory

Except we actually pay for the workforce and the machines, mow the lawn and take out the recyclables.

We’re flexible

And that isn’t lip service—it’s our literal structure. Unlike most outfits, we’re a cell-based manufacturer. Our facility and process are designed expressly for quick reaction to a broad range of customer needs. Assembly line manufacturing wouldn’t have as many customers saying, “EMSCO does whatever it takes…keeps us out of trouble…makes it easy…saves our you-know-what.”

We’re local

Born and bred in the hardworking, rural county of Hanover, Virginia. For Virginia- and mid-Atlantic-based businesses, that means fast shipping at lower costs. And for people all over the USA, we’re still much closer to you than businesses overseas. Avoid the inherent risks of depending on foreign suppliers (sorry foreign suppliers). Risks like customs “issues”, spotty cargo tracking, grey market parts, slow product redesign and long lead-times.

We lower costs

And we do so while increasing quality. We allow you to double your capacity without paying a cent for new infrastructure. Experienced craftspeople and specialized equipment that’s yours when you need it and costs nothing when you don’t. And we typically save you 10–50% on verified brand name parts through our bulk ordering purchases.

We reduce lead time

Because no one likes to wait. We’re a localized material sourcing center. Our $500K of standing, raw and ready inventory slashes lead-times for raw materials. Thanks to our managed and ready inventory stocking programs, we can practically read your mind.

We’re detail focused

So you can concentrate on growing your business. Since EMSCO began in 2001, we’ve had almost zero voluntary turnover. That means devotion to our company—and our customers—along with the experience to master the details of production. And we also have the process controls to back our people up—like ISO 9001:2015-based procedures and IPC/WHMA-A 620 standards—ensuring that our rock-solid quality assurance only gets stronger.

We let them say it

“These guys are an extension of our factory and give us enormous capacity. They take out the concern of finding, hiring, training, managing and keeping new hires busy. We can flex up and down in production, and our costs go right in step.”

A real EMSCO customer